The organizing committee of the SOFA conferences will give out the Janos Fodor Award after each SOFA conference (on November 17th of the conference year).

The criteria for selection:
- One paper presented at each SOFA will be selected for the award
- The paper selected will be from Janos Fodor’s fields of interest (Valued preference modelling; Fuzzy logic, fuzzy set theory; Multi-criteria decision making; Modelling of uncertainty in geology; Stochastic problems of OR)
- The paper will be selected by a permanent committee AFTER the workshop

Janos Fodor Award Committee:
Valentina Balas (Romania)
Jozsef Dombi (Hungary)
Ioan Dzitac (Romania)
Voicu Groza (Canada)
Lakhmi Jain (Australia)
Dan Ralescu (USA)
Antonio Ruano (Portugal)

The award:
The paper will be rewarded with a diploma (also signed by Janos Fodor’s daughter). The diploma will be sent to the recipient both electronically and by post.
The award will also consist in 300 EUR which can be awarded as following:
- received by bank transfer
- attend the following SOFA conference for free
- the recipient can nominate a young researcher who can attend the following SOFA conference for free

The results of the 2016 edition of the Janos Fodor Award are the following:

Juhi R. Srivastava and T.S.B Sudarshan
Energy Efficient Cache Node Placement using Genetic Algorithm…
— Jozsef Dombi, Adrienn Dineva
Adaptive Multi-round Smoothing based on the Savitzky-Golay Filter
Adrienn Dineva, Annamaria R. Varkonyi-Koczy, Vincenzo Piuri, Jozsef K. Tar
Point Cloud Processing with the Combination of Fuzzy Information Measure and Wavelets
Mika Sato-Ilic
Soft Data Analysis based on Cluster Scaling
Calin Adrian Popa
Matrix-Valued Bidirectional Associative Memories

Mika Sato-Ilic
Soft Data Analysis based on Cluster Scaling